Dear Friends of The Twilight Theatre,

Everyday someone asks us, “When will the Theatre be open?” We are very, very close! The board’s position is that we only have one chance to do this right, and we are committed to doing it right! We will absolutely be ready to show movies before everything required for live performances is complete. Rather than open with the work partly done, and then have to close for a couple of weeks to finish, we have decided to complete the inside before we open. It will be a difference of a few weeks, and the board would like the Grand Opening to be really GRAND! We want people to be amazed by what they’ve helped build here and not walk away from the grand opening saying, “Wow! That will be really cool when it’s finished!”

Besides the physical work left to be done to get the building ready, Adam has many administrative details that have to be worked out before we are ready to open. For example, we had to have the projector and equipment installed before we could even start the lengthy application process for renting movies because those companies must have exact specifications for our setup. We are now working on those applications. The board has lots of decisions to make and policies to set that could not be done until the building was mostly done and equipment mostly installed. We are all working as hard and fast as we can to get the doors open! We thank everyone who has contributed their time, talents, and funds to the Twilight, and just ask for a little more patience as we head down the home stretch of getting the doors open and the lights on! And keep volunteering! The list of jobs to be done is long, and, as they say, many hands make light work!

Thank you for your patience and support!

Twilight Theatre Board of Directors
Scott Eller, Kim McMurry, Brad Estes, Grant Neuhold, Ki Gamble, Heather Powell, Paige Tyree