On May 4, 2007, an EF5 tornado leveled the City of Greensburg and the Twilight Theatre. The residents of Greensburg and Kiowa County were determined to rebuild their town and their theatre. Contrary to popular belief, after the tornado, money trees didn’t sprout up in the empty lots. Local businesses, officials and dedicated residents pooled their resources and funded a rebuilding effort – they demanded a community filled with arts, technology and educational opportunities. Greensburg is now home to the 5.4.7 Arts Center, the Kiowa County Media Center Foundation, and the awaited Twilight Theatre & Community Auditorium. We honor those who had the vision and generosity to help us rise again.

USD 422 Friends of Education
South Central Community Foundation
Greensburg Rotary Club
Ministerial Alliance
Lions’ Club of Greensburg
City of Greensburg
Gamble Farms
Morningstar Farms
Mabee Foundation
Warren Theatres
McClellan Sound
Proctor Companies
Kiowa County Media Center
Christie Digital Systems
Tyree Ag, Inc.
Stanion Electric
Southern Plains Coop
BTI – Greensburg
Tom Beal Foundation
USD 422 School Employees
Mr. & Mrs. Dayle Heft
Norman Volz
Dick Robbins
Gene & Janet West
John T. Peterson
David & Kathy White
Rodney & Mitzi Hesser
Dennis & Lynnette Pa
The Stotts Family
Dale & Monica Hayse

Chuck Miller
Roger Stotts
Brenda Myers
Matt Deighton
Jennifer Kooken
Gary Goodman
Dr. Nizar Kibar
Lisa Waters
Ferrell Allison
John Jannsen
Rod Hesser
Randy Kelly