The Twilight Theatre is a perfect venue to host your conference, social event, wedding or private party!  We can also accommodate group tours and field trips, and much, much more. Our auditorium can seat up to 400 guests in plush reclining seats, equipped with cup holders and extra leg room.

Our state-of-the-art digital projection system can handle everything from PowerPoint presentations to HD movies. Imagine your home movies or your favorite classic film projected on a 58′ wide by 27.5′ high movie screen. The public address system provides both wired and wireless microphones. A 60′ wide stage floor and complete theatrical lighting system above can bring your musical act, comedy routine or awards ceremony center stage! 

The auditorium is also camera-ready, thanks to our partnership with the Kiowa County Media Center! We can livestream your event to the internet, or record and professionally edit your event with HD video cameras.

If you are ready to plan your event, call us at 620•723•1092 or simply complete this form and we will be in touch!

$35 per hour (2-hour minimum)
$750 day rate (10% discount for 24-hour period)

Sound/Light/Projection Operator $19.50 per hour
Concession Attendant $13.00 per hour
House Manager $19.50 per hour
Box Office $13.00 per hour
Janitorial Crew $13.00 per hour
Security $32.00 per hour or prevailing rate, whichever is greater
Additional Technicians $19.50 per hour
ONLY APPROVED technicians may operate lighting & sound equipment.

Banquet/Cocktail tables $6.25 each
Concert Baby Grand Piano $200 (subject to availability and approval)
Piano Tuning price upon request
Follow Spot $25.00 per light
Wireless Laveliere Microphone $40 each
Wireless Handheld Microphone $45 each
Wired Microphones $20 each
Monitors $25.00 each
Digital Movie Projector $0.625 per minute (Length of movie x $0.625 = fee)

$50 per hour (2-hour minimum)
$1075 per day

Bar Service $19.50 per hour + 2 hour setup/take-down

$16.36 (+tax) per guest for unlimited consumption for up to 3 hours.
Frozen Beverages (margarita) + $3.63 (+tax) per person

Catering quotes upon request – no outside food/drink


$25 Event Set-Up Charge + $2.00 per ticket sold through our point-of-sale